This is the WIZ

Bend it.

Point it.

Wave it.

Twist it.

Shake it.

Swing it.

The world's first transformable controller. Perfect for AR/VR & retro-gaming.

*You will only be charged when Wiz ships in March 2017. By purchasing the developer's kit, you agree to actively use and provide feedback after 3 months by filling out a simple 10-minute, 10 question form.

Watch the WIZ in action

Perfect as a VR controller

Because who on earth wants to be stuck using a keyboard, mouse or gamepad?

Compatible with all Windows platforms. Tested with GearVR, Oculus, OSVR.

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Our dev kit will ship in March 2017

Questions? Contact us!

For inquiries, email

Unparalleled compatibility

Easy BLE


Works with all OSes

without drivers

Recognized as industry standard

HID Mouse and Keyboard

Fully configurable

16 buttons, 14 gestures

3 shapes & Air-mouse function

Powered by

3V CR2032 coin cell 

The team



The Inventor



The Engineer



The Game Designer

Toi Ngee


The Whip

WIZ is a project born from a collaboration among two of Asia's top universities - the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Keio University in Japan - and a hardware lab Minds N Hands.

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